Buffet R13 Serial Number 75948

by Gianetaege


Buffet R13 Serial Number 75948 >>> urlin.us/5cuqz

Evette-Schaeffer - ClarinetPerfection.com
But BUFFET has another K series serial number and that is with the Buffet Limite
Evette and Schaeffer Master Model is supposedly an R13 with cosmetic flaws . Buffet R13 Serial Numbers – Is it an R13, and if so how old?
Serial Numbers. Buffet R13 Serial Numbers. You can't tell from some of the Buffet
serial numbers if your instrument is indeed an R13. Buffet didn't always label . Help identifying a Buffett clarinet :) - The Woodwind Forum
Buffet serial numbers are typically stamped on the back side of the upper It
looks like an R13 to me, though not being in my hand I can't be . Buffet Serial Numbers - ClarinetPerfection.com
Even though the R13 was officially introduced in 1955 some versions of it .
taken from the Buffet-Crampon website which allows serial number searches. Buffet Clarinet Serial Numbers
Serial Number. Year. Serial Number. Year. 1A - 408A. 1885. 1K2 - 1K341. 1915.
409A - 999A. 1886. 1K342 - 1K999. 1916. A1 - A886. 1886. 2K1 - 460K1. 1916.
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released December 9, 2016